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Bud, “the Pieman” Royer, the funky founding father of Royers Round Top Café, and Royers mail order pies, along with his wife, Dr. Karen, and their four children to moved to Round Top in 1987 and take over the tiny 40-seat Round Top Café. With no culinary training or kitchen experience, Bud and his family, have built and marketed the café into a well-recognized Texas institution.


The menu at Royers Round Top Café will surprise you. Instead of the typical country fare, you’ll find “a Texas country bistro serving gourmet comfort food.” Although Round Top is a town of only 77 people about an hour’s drive from both Austin and Houston, word of mouth has traveled far.

The story of this iconic Texas bistro has drawn the attention of many regional and national publications. This small eatery has literally redefined the phrase “word of mouth” marketing in the restaurant business. The Royers ship thousands of their pies to every state in the country through their mail order web site.

In their spare time they cater the café experience to events, large and small, throughout the state.


We serve contemporary comfort food from a Grilled Shrimp BLT on Jalapeno Sourdough Bread to Grilled Pork Tenderloin with a Peach N’ Pepper Glaze to “THE GREAT STEAK” (which is a 10 oz. center cut filet that you cut with a fork and runs rings around Ruth Chris’s, Sullivan’s and Bob’s Chop House in Dallas)! In addition, we have a wine list of more than 60 wines and of course we serve an awesome handmade pies topped with ice cream. Click here to view our current menu to get hungry and plan that escape from the city!

Watch our “click ‘n sniff” OMG Menu Video! 


The cafe seats about 40 people, so give us a call on the day when you want to come in and we’ll put your name on our “Priority Seating List” and you’ll be that further up on the list if there is a wait. VERY RARELY IS THERE A WAIT MUCH MORE THAN 10-15 MINUTES. No, there is not a wait like most folk think there is…. It’s that darn “perception is reality!”

So when you see a large group of 8 on the front porch they are either leaving or waiting for one of the 2 tables where we can seat a party of that size. So in most cases there are plenty of other tables open for smaller parties. PLEASE don’t drive by and “assume” that there is a wait!

Of course during the Antique Week it is a different story. And remember as the sign says “if you got a reservation you are in the wrong place!”

Just in case, The Royers Cafe’s number is 979-249-3611.


Real simple…..SPEND MONEY! No Pants, No Shirt…No Problem! Except for 70 year old men in Spandex…this is a family establishment!

Meet the Clan

The cafe
is an extension
of our own home,
and our staff is like family....
~The Royer Family


I have worked for the Royer’s off and on, mostly on, for the past 16 years.  I have waited tables,done shipping and baked pies.  Boy have I baked pies.  I never baked a pie before baking pies for Royer’s cafe, and now it is nothing to bake 150 pies in a day.  I love being a part of the cafe team.  I have been able to work along side of the Royer family, and also my own family as each of my children have all been employed by the cafe at one time or another.


These two kiddos are the reason for everything I do. I try and live as an example to them and show them what it means to live a Godly life. Although the cafe is my second job I feel very blessed to get to work with such a great group of people! I look forward to the craziness every week.


I have been associated with the cafe since my mom started at the cafe in 2009. I am now 17 years old and a senior at Fayetteville High School. I hope to attend Blinn College in Brenham for 2 years after high school, then venture on to UT or LSU and major in Petroleum Engineering!


I’m a baker, pie chick, team player and help support not only a great restaurant but a destination! I’m Shannon and have been employed at the cafe since 2009 when I came on as a part time waitstaff, a year later, I left teaching to join the team full time! I bake fruit pies, delicious rolls and assorted pastries and pies for the pie haven as well as serve as a lead on the floor! Royers has been more than a job, it’s been a place to help me live out my dream in creating, baking and serving!


I’m a wife to a wonderful hard working man, a momma to 4 beautiful children. In my free time love to spend time fishing and spending time with my family.

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